Polisar T-200 Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine

Polisar T-200 Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine

General Features

Adjustable upper and lower laps(1-9 laps)

Pallet height control with photocell

Adjustable turntable speed

Adjustable lift speed

Slow start and stop

Pallet remains in the same start position when it finishes

10 different program memories

Ability to operate manually

Easy and fast stretch film change

Automatic middle lap wrapping at the desired height

User-friendly visual touch panel

3 different wrapping programs (single layer wrapping, double layer wrapping, rain type wrapping)


Standard Features

12rpm rotation speed

2200mm wrapping height

1650 kg turntable bearing capacity

220v 50 Hz working voltage

25 Pallet/an hour ( max capacity)


Optional Features

1950mm turntable (1350x1350mm max pallet size)

2750mm wrapping  height

Load stabilizer

Lasso throwing apparatus

Weighing System

Laser photocell for black products



Technical Features Polisar T-200
Turn Table Speed 12 Rpm(max)
Capacity 15-25 Pallet/an hour
Turn Table Diameter 1650mm
Max Pallet Size 1000x1200mm
Max Pallet Height 2200mm
Max Pallet Weight 1650kg
Pre-stretch Ratio %100 Mechanic
Operating Voltage 220v 50hz
Power consumption 1,1 KW
Machine Dimensions 1650mmx2580mmx2380mm
Turntable Height 78mm