(Automatic Vertical Pallet Strapping Machine Messersi TL5

The specified automatic strapping machine TL4 provides automatic strapping of all kinds of packages using PP / PET strap.

The solid framework that supports all parts of the machine is consists of steel profiles joined by electrowinning.

The strapping head MS300 (Fixed) provides automatic adhesion of feed, jump, tension, welding and cutting operations. (Provides tension up to 300kg of voltage.)

The Circle Feeding Line around the package is produced from special plastic and allows the strap to spread around the package neatly.

The tension of the strap is between 0 kg – 300 kg, the tension value is adjusted according to the product to be packed and the strap to be used.


 Strap Type PP – PET
 Strap Width 8 – 19 mm
 Strap Thickness 0,50 – 1,00mm
 Strap Strength Max 300kg
 Feeding Speed 2,4-5,5 m/ sec 
 Recovery Speed 2,4-5,5 m/ sec 
 Tension Speed 0,25m/s
 Strapping cycle time 1,2 to 3sec according to tensioning
 Supply electric voltage 220/400 V AC
 Standard size 1200mm x 1400mm
 Coil Holder Inside Diameter 390/405mm; Width 150/190mm