Automatic Horizontal Pallet Strapping Machine Messersi OR-60

The automatic horizontal strapping machine OR60 is equipped with strapping head “MS300” (messersi patent), suitable for horizontal strapping of palletized products of all kinds and sizes. The Messersi VR88 offers an ideal solution for horizontal strapping of products.


 Strap Type PP – PET
 Strap Width 8 – 19 mm
 Strap Thickness 0,60 – 1,27 mm
 Strap Strenght Max. 700 kg
 Feeding Speed 2,4 – 5,5 m/sec
 Recovery Speed 2,4-5,5 m/sec
 Tension Speed 0,25m/ sec 
 Strapping Cycle time 1,2 to 3 sec according to tensioning
 Supply Electric Voltage 220/400 V Three-phase
 Standard Size 1510 mm x 1510 mm
 Coil Holder Inside Diameter 390/405mm; width 150/190mm